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I thought it all came down to the coach’s medication and massage and nutrition. He gave me the active oil for massage, which is obviously much higher than the one sent by the school. In addition to the rich food, he also let me take some vitamins, calcium, and endocrine pills from professional athletes. These things are definitely expensive. I have never seen them on the market anyway. But now I tda-peptides-serum feel training. It’s getting easier and better, and the physical quality is improved.” At 3 am on July 22, the Sue roaming was done as a training. After a set of warm-up, rowing, and shaping, Odley stopped: «From today, I will teach you the real psychological quality exercise.» «Psychological quality training?» Su robbing doubts. «The serum fighting techniques of various countries are good, and martial arts are good. It is nothing more than the dual training of physical quality and psychological quality. It is also a daring and three martial arts in Chinese kung fu. Boldness is psychological quality. Only psychological quality is excellent, technology and strength are There is room for play.» Odley took a weapon and threw it to the Soviet Union: «Power is the physical quality, the skill is the technology, the physical quality can’t keep up, and the empty technology is also awkward. There are many kinds of physical training. You skin-analyzer-k19 can slowly increase in the future. Chinese kung fu is called smashing bones. This is not a one-night event, but the guts can be quick. A weak person, after going through something, can become a fierce overnight. Man.» Su robber took the weapon in his hand. It is a dagger. Hey! Su robbing a fierce pumping, only to see the cold light, the cold front, the blood tank above the dagger, people are chilling, as long as you wave, you can put people in a transparent hole. A weapon, an absolute weapon. «This is a military skin-analyzer fighting dagger, good at hiding, and the attack angle is very different. It is a special soldier who performs missions and assassinates the enemy’s military equipment. The so-called one-inch short, one-inch insurance, in ancient China, the cockroach was used to eat meat, but it became There is an allusion to killing people. You have an allusion in China, called the poor view, that is, Jing Jing assassinated Qin Shihuang. The so-called sword, that is actually what you can see on the surface, not good at assassination, only beheading, the most powerful.» Odley Road : «When the dagger fights, you can get close to you. If you are far away, you can use it as a flying knife to throw. It is far and near. The easiest way to do it is to wave and assassinate, just like the hoe you practice. You are now microneedling-pen and I am fighting!» Odley also took an identical dagger. «Not good.» Su robbed the dagger and gently scraped it down on his arm. The hairs fell down. He couldn’t help but fight a cold war: «If this thing touches a little, I am afraid it will die.» Coach, you are not saying, in training, you must pay attention, can’t you hurt yourself?» Keeping himself in the training is not hurt, this is Joss’s own warning, and then Odley has repeatedly warned. «It doesn’t matter, you and I use it without hurting, just let you feel the cruelty of the cold weapon. You know that the most important thing in the fight is the fear of the fist. After the opponent attacked, it was a panic, only going backwards and holding the head. It is not a cool analysis at all. This is the performance without courage. It is a watershed for fighters. If you are not afraid of boxing, your guts will be upgraded. Analysis.» Odley said: «In general, if you fight with people and fight more, you will not be afraid of boxing, but this is not a quick method. In the ancient battlefield, cold weapons confronted each other and slashed each other. After the soldiers saw the blood and saw the dead, they grew up. Now there is no such condition, but I am here to help you. This is what I found from the training of the special army. I have worked as a martial arts instructor for many national special forces. In the process of our fight, I will master the rhythm and let you feel the death of the knife. When you are not afraid of the capital, you will leave the dagger and face the enemy’s fist. It is simply small. Section. «Indeed, the dagger force of oppression, much larger than the fist. Almost everyone is willing to face a brave man who is unarmed and unwilling to face a thin man with a dagger. What’s more, this is a sharp and sharp, military-like dagger that blows hair. This military dagger seems to have come from the beginning to harvest life. «You attacked me with a gimmick. This gimmick can be used for a dagger.» Odley let the suicide first shot. The suicide single-handedly held the dagger and thought about it. It was like holding a hoe. Suddenly, the dagger was lifted up, and the next glimpse, showing an arc, actually had some momentum. when! Just as the Soviet robbers arrived in front of Odley, Odley flashed to the side, escaped the stroke, and then brushed! Three consecutive encounters, in the process of killing, the dagger is like a snake, and it will be stabbed and wiped at any time. This kind of personal dagger is the most dangerous, even more terrible than the enemy taking a long knife. The twilight flickering, the sharp cutting, facing the daggers successively chopping and picking the thorns, the heart of the suicide is extremely scared, the heart suddenly panic, can no longer keep calm, no technology can play. This is commonly known in the fight as «hidden punches.» He took the protective gear every night as Jos’s sandbag, and the other’s fist and leg combination had long been used to it. He had changed his habit of fearing boxing. He can be beheaded, he is really scared. And this is not a fake, it is a real military dagger, a little cut will be broken hands, a transparent hole in the body. Oh! The dagger in his hand was knocked down to the ground, and his neck was already attached to the front of the neck. The blood of the neck artery was flowing down, and it was shocking with a hand. For the first time, he felt that he was so close to death. 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