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Nonetheless, in the last few years "traditional family values" are being encouraged in Russia much milder, which shifted the attitudes of girls towards an even stronger cult of family and love.

With the rest of the world embracing rainbow marriages and feminism, Russian policymakers’ official views are indisputably leaning towards long-established Christian Biblical values regarding the man as the head of a household, dating russian women leading his wife and kids to prosperity and honourable life.

(Don’t ask me, how it all goes together with the infamous Russian guys ‘s drinking and cheating in marriages. I guess it comes in the thought of a man being inherently fallible and continuously having to fight his own demons, and the woman being patient, standing by her man no matter what. Divorcing a spouse since he cheated on you would be seen as ultimately bizarre in Russia, since it’s widely accepted that each man does it — it’d be just like divorcing a husband since he snores. What exactly?)

Russian girls are trained at the roles of mother and wife from childhood.

The constant message from school books to commercials on TV and tales in media is that a lady can simply find personal happiness for a mother and a spouse. Whatever other joys in life are on the market, they are portrayed as poor to the contentment of marriage and motherhood.

Young Russian girls are so firmly indoctrinated in this cultural paradigm which no facts could shatter it. Their beliefs are so powerful that any factual information that contradicts this perspective would be dismissed with the prognosis, "If the facts don’t fit the theory, change the facts. "

Older Russian girls are wiser, having first-hand adventures of failing marriages and challenging realities of life as a single mom in a society which perceives an unmarried female as deficient. They realize that marriage and kids are not a panacea for enjoyment — you want the right partner for that.

The current Russian government is encouraging households to have minimal 3 children, at the face of the nation ‘s aging and declining population. But many Russian households still have only 1 kid (the average number is 1.6 births per woman, see Fertility rates in World Data Bank).

Flag of naturals with the message #TheRealFamily was started in Moscow from the ruling party "United Russia" on 8 July 2015.

This might be the reason divorced women with children struggle to re-partner, while guys have no problem entering another relationship, with so many unattached females looking for a commitment-oriented male.

The new flag of "straight people" (instead of gays and lesbians) integrates a woman, a man, and 3 children. Alexey Lisovenko in the ruling party United Russia said about the launching of the "flag of naturals", "It is our answer to the same-sex marriages, this mockery of the idea of family. We must avert the gay fever at our house country and encourage traditional values. https://find-russian-woman.com/ The new flag has been started on 8 July 2015 at Moscow through the celebrations of the Day of Family, Love, and Faithfulness.

"Christian family values" and quotes from Bible are involved in predominantly each discussion of a new policy on the legislative level. In a way, since it’s difficult for folks to find fulfilment in their professions (jobs pay very little) or hobbies (which are expensive), the promotion of fulfilment at a household perfectly fits into the actual life experience of Russian women. Once she is married, she is able to stop fighting for everyday survival (it’s not a believer, sadly, but a harsh reality of Russian existence), and abandon it to the husband, who’s officially a provider by the cultural standards.

Russian officials insist that similarities in "The real family" flag of naturals into the banners of "La Manif Pour Tous" are coincidental.

This is the reason a Russian woman believes that her duty in a union is simply encouraging her partner, and there is no demand for her to donate herself.

While most Russian women work before marriage, it’s a matter of honor for a man to have a spouse who stays at home. For the most families, it’s an unachievable fantasy, but if a man can afford it, he may request his wife to stop working, and the spouse would happily obey. If a spouse earns more than a spouse, it might be viewed as improper or incorrect. She is supposed to forfeit her career and talents for her husband’s achievement at work.

I understand the statement above seems somewhat idealistic, and for myself, having lived in a western society for 16 years, it will ring completely cheesy. But for Russian girls it’s the ultimate truth.

Marriage responsibilities are observed by Russian girls as a labor of love.

In case you have read my previous review here, Men in Relationships Are Happier and Healthier, it also included a passage about data demonstrating that couples having kids felt more miserable than the ones with no children.

I posted a synopsis of the research on the women’s site in Russian too, and boy, was it a radical discovery once more.

I’ve been crushed from every possible angle by Russian females (and males), that indisputably hope that children can only bring happiness for the mommy and make a union stronger, and it’s absolutely despicable to think otherwise, including any potential and impossible statistics.

This is what Russian girls wrote:

In short, Russian girls believe that pleasure is a battle, which ‘s how it meant to be. In addition they believe that only the courtship period of a relationship should be pleasant for a female, and the rest will undoubtedly be her making sacrifices for a husband and children, which she meekly accepts as the only means to experience the Nirvana of being a Mother. But she won’t be having a kid out of wedlock, since it is not what Nature and God intended for her.

Russian women believe, "Marriage and kids make you more happy. "

From the western paradigm, happiness is a pleasure, but not at the Russian Christian heritage. The Russian Orthodox Church teaches women that "God endured, and so shall we", which she must stick by her man, irrespective of his virtues or flaws.

Having a private view opposing this standard is unacceptable for a woman. You’ll be regarded as a barbarous personage that doesn’t enjoy babies and kittens. Not only that, an indifferent attitude or doing something that’s viewed as improper may lead to a serious trouble for a woman.

"Yes, family is tough and a lot of work, but this is what happiness means", that’s the epitome of believing of Russian girls about marriage and kids.

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